Cyclone Yasi Thursday 8am


Looking down to Rowes Bay, 8am, tide inundation




Looking to the strand

Just a few broken trees

Look, not too bad at all for a roof with holes in it now.

Did NOT sleep in the bedroom, a bit damp and drippy.


How lucky were we, this is all that's gone.

Have a video, when I work out how to insert it,

I’ll stick it in here.


(That could take a while, got a bit of mopping to do).




11 thoughts on “Cyclone Yasi Thursday 8am

  1. Dear Louise, so glad you are ok, my bathroom floor always looks like that anyway after Viking bathtime, Bon Courage for the clear up xx

  2. Gee it could of been worse I guess Louise, but still you have missing roof tiles and lots of water to mop up which is no fun.
    ‘Im getting into trouble for blogging instead of mopping’ LOL. My husband would be the same….men just don’t get the theraputic aspect of blogging/commenting in a crisis situation!
    Poor Arnie has he been able to go outside to do you know what?

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