CYCLONE YASI Thursday 1pm

Wind Machine, spun itself right out of the ground.

Yesterday's Wind machine

Most of the damage has been trees blown over.

The Strand is covered with fallen trees and sand, but is intact.

The Strand yesterday.

And the rock pool on the Strand now.

The Strand is covered with Fallen Trees.

Yesterday the black cockatoos were busy eating sea almonds on the Strand

This guy was really enjoying his


The cockies don't have to pick their own sea almonds, Yasi did it for them.

So, back to mopping,




12 thoughts on “CYCLONE YASI Thursday 1pm

  1. Hello Louise! (I thought I left a comment earlier on but it’s not there) … I am glad your neighbourhood survived the cyclone without major damages. So far the news say there were no victims which is really good news. To bad the roof did not hold up until it was over. Only a few tiles and already such a mess in the house.
    I like the black cockatoos, have never seen them before. You could collect the nuts and lure them to your house. Not so sure Georgie would like that though.

    • Hi Paula,Don’t know where the missing comment went – sorry if it was my fault?
      We really were lucky to only have minor damage, but now it’s really raining bucket loads, and of course it’s pouring in the holes in the roof..

      Never .
      Aren’t the Black Cockatoos gorgeous, we are very lucky to have wild ones here in Townsville, and to be able to get so close to them.

      I did grab some sea almonds for the real George (the galah) as he is a type of cockatoo.

  2. Hi lou so glad you are safe just hope you can get through the next lot of weeks with the clean up & no water I’m in Mackay so if you need anything give me a shout & I will try & help as best I can!! Heard your water supply is not looking good 😦 Cannot believe the wind catcher it must have been so terifying, hope you get the house back in order for you & the animals 🙂

    • Hello Elaine,
      Gosh that’s such a kind offer, thank you.
      We should be fine, got a huge bathtub full of water, and a pool for the “bucket brigade” to flush the loos.
      Generator is working, but does not do the fridge (which is actually a coldroom).
      Not to worry, freezer is working- so everything is frozen.

      It wasn’t really scary, just unpleasant and very noisy.

      I sure hope the water and power are not weeks away from being fixed – serious yucko if they aren’t

      • Hee you made me smile with your coment on my blog Lou, glad you are in good spirits after what you have been through. Hey if you ever do come down to Mackay you are more than welcome to come round for a coffee!! Hope it stops raining 😦

      • Hi Elaine, thanks again. Now I’d like a new back.
        The house is beyond caring about at the moment. Still have big holes in roof, after I stuffed up the “in house” repair job – see latest post.
        It’s still raining on and off, now the floor is actually lifting off.
        Is it hot down your way?

    • HI Annie, getting a bit grumpy, I must admit. No power, no water except for the water coming in through the roof still. Upstairs is now Lake Yarrawonga.
      Sort of in that limbo area we’ve done as much as we can, and can’t go any further, too wet, too much damage.
      I’m sure we are all just tired though, because we are not badly off.
      I missed Mum’s 80th birthday with paddy and the brothers last night = so feeling a bit forlorn.

      anouk sounds really good

      • Of course you are feeling grumpy and rightly so. You have my permission to be grumpy and totally over it!
        What a shame you had to miss your Mum’s celebration , I’m sure the family missed you greatly. Can they do it all over again when you finally hit Brissy…just joking.
        Waiting to hear from family in Victoria who live in a badly hit flooded area…when will this weather just stop, enough already!
        Anouk is the place to be seen Lou! with the freshest ingredients I’ve eaten in yonks.
        ps. so relieved you are safe and well.

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