Cyclone Yasi, in Townsville Thursday morning


Still blowing, still raining.


All persons and pets fully accounted for here at our place.


House photos will be different today.

Anyone want to have swimming lessons

book now, we have plenty pools upstairs

all with private facilities.


I haven’ t seen or heard any news yet

will update asap.




10 thoughts on “Cyclone Yasi, in Townsville Thursday morning

    • Hi Paula,
      Seems it hasn’t been too bad, not sure though, not a lot of news yet and it’s still raging here.
      We aren’t allowed outside yet, so they do’t know how much damage yet.

  1. So glad you are all ok….relieved I am let me tell you. The Dodgy bros are going to require years of therapy after last night.

    • Oh I have some stories for you Annie.
      Arnie, cannot do number two’s on the pee pads inside, so has been banging the dog door, for an hour. (Dog door has plywood behind it still of course).
      Oops, in trouble – got to fly, I’m not mopping, bad me!)

  2. Dear Louise, I am glad you, Mr iT, the birds and the Dodgy brothers are okay. What a dramatic night. I was up until very late following the coverage. Does the pools with private facilities mean a lot of clean up? I hope that it was not too bad. Is the cantilevered house still there? I hope you get a good sleep tonight in your own bed. You have earned it. love Linda xxx

    • Tee Hee, Cyclone is still raging, so can’t go and look for that house.
      But my guess is it would not have moved an inch.
      Clean up is happening while I blog – I’m in soooo much trouble for computing and not cleaning.
      Bed’s too wet to sleep in, but I’ll find another one.


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