Cyclone Yasi, Wednesday NIght in Townsville

Hi everyone.

It’s night time now, and the winds are really, really building here in Townsville.

Yasi has moved a bit more to the North – Innisfail, boy they are so unlucky.

Here: chez inTownsville,



New window treatment

(and don’t you see dirty marks when you shift suff)

That space ship contraption is staying outside for the cyclone.

It’s so big and heavy we can’t move it.


This is how you do the windows.



New Window treatment on the inside!

Tee Hee – I’m not wearing my best clothes to do cyclone prep in case you are looking at reflections.


Blighty these are not snakes, they are power leads going up into the laundry manhole for the generator.

More laundry snakes, and the birds' night time cages.

You need a LOT of leads if you are going to run a generator.

But we are trying to be tidy about it.


Lead treatment for clumsy people

George is pretending to be scared so he doesn't have to stay in his cage!

The air con is still working

George LOVES the air conditioner, he gets all ruffly and gooey on the air con.

God what is that mark on the wall?

I’ll clean it when I finish this post.

And Lovey is making hay while the sun shines (not!).

She’s NEVER allowed inside,  she’s very affectionate and well behaved, but she’s a pigeon and you know how much they poop!

Look what happened to my lounge room.

At 5pm there were waves in the pool.

The fence/wall is being repainted – I thing Yasi will finish the sanding job for us.

Arnie decided to put "puppy" (his comfort toy) somewhere safe.

I know the things in the bowl are Christmas decorations but we only got home (after 6 weeks away) the other day and I was jetlagged.

Before it got dark tonight

So, I can’t take any photos of the cyclone tonight – it’s too dark.

It’s really really blowing now, and raining.

I know it will get much worse.

If I have internet in the morning, I’ll fill you in on what the night was like.


good luck to all.





18 thoughts on “Cyclone Yasi, Wednesday NIght in Townsville

  1. I came across your blog through FF’s one, which I can’t remember how I found… anyway all the best for tonight. I’m an ex Townsville girl and my sister lives up there on the hill too. Interesting looking at the photos and the views. All the best and you and the pets stay safe.

    • Hello Karen, thanks for the good wishes.
      Now(8:45pm) the high tide is up to 6.6 metres now. Normal high tide here is 2 metre. Can’t see anything, it’s too dark.
      Hope your sister is bunked in nice and tight too.

  2. OMG Louise, you are going to bed! In that! Waves in the pool… now that’s surreal.
    I hope your night is not too bad. I’ll stay up for you and keep an eye on things. Stay safe.
    A-M xx

    • You should hear it now. It’s vicious. Trying bed, the Dodgy Brothers are stressed now, Arnie is trying to get into my pocket, and Siggi is collecting his comforters – sports socks. He’s put about 5 in his bed already.

  3. Louise, you seem to be experienced. I love the grill/oven on the terrasse. The waves in the pool are spooky. Now I know for sure, yes, this IS your private pool with the view. No wonder, Georgie loves your company, he chose a nice place to live!

    The window treatment on the inside in looks very Gucci.
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

    • Can’t wait to share the “Gucci” window treatment with the family.
      Do you mean the blinds or the new timber covering all the windows? Tee Hee.

      PS I can’t believe we’ve still got power. Winds are already 100k/hr.

      • yes, I was referring to this one:
        “New Window treatment on the inside!”

        Having read the latest news I don’t feel like laughing at all: they expect waves like from a tsunami to hit the coast. I hope you checked double your house is safe? Is it high enough above sea-level is your house? In my worst nightmares I see you drowned in the basement. ah, stop!

      • PS: did you consider leaving the house? In Europe there are always the same discussions when people got hurt: why did they stay? (fires in LA, water in New Orleans, …)

    • In full swing now. Really scary for the Dodgies, they are not happy. Roof upstairs is leaking on the windward side, the water is going up under the tiles.
      We are safe Blighty, just uncomfortable.
      You cannot imagine the noise.

  4. good luck Lou look forward to seeing your post tomorrow cos i know you will be safe then!! down here in Mackay is so calm had one surge of wind & rain about 6ish then 8pm so I feel a very lucky lady!! Stay safe.

  5. Yep I’m up with you Lou. Tessa sending doggy love to the Dodgys and senior citz.
    I thought I just heard Townsville without power?

  6. Dear Louise, just heard Anna Bligh being interviewed about the cyclone on News at One on Radio 4, she is very impressive; sit tight, love to you allxx

    • Yep, sure am, even managed some sleep in the early hours.
      A wet and windy night.
      Can’t see anything outside down to the Strand yet, upstairs here is flooded, the wind drove the rain up under the architraves, and just poured in.

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