CYCLONE YASI – TOWNSVILLE Wednesday afternoon

Townsville is shut down,
People are getting ready.

Issued at 2:01 pm EST Wednesday 2 February 2011. Refer to Tropical Cyclone Advice Number 14.

Strand Coffee Shop - very popular with all the cyclists

Some people are careful tapers

Some use different colours

Some old timers are extra careful, they seal the sides of windows.

They went through Cyclone Althea in the early 1970s

AT 1pm people were still filling sandbags

This Wind machine power thingy, is going to be fully charged after Yasi

I saw this gust, it was the first one we had, about 11am.

We are all wondering how this house is going to cope?

The REAL George is not happy, he has to stay in a cage in the laundry!

The conservatory has now had Mandatory Evacutation - to the Laundry. Lovey B was the last to leave.

I’ll keep you posted.




23 thoughts on “CYCLONE YASI – TOWNSVILLE Wednesday afternoon

  1. We had a conversation at work yesterday about that house, how it will hold up 🙂 I’m sure the structural engineer knows a little more than I do 🙂

    Stay safe xx

      • I’m a bit naive or maybe trusting that these things wouldn’t get approved to be built unless they were structurally safe…. I hope anyway. Even with my trust, I still wouldn’t like to live above/behind it….

  2. Dear Louise, I am glad you are up high. Still crossing my fingers and toes for you. Hopefully you have a stash of excellent chocolate in your shelter to share with your nearest and dearest. Do you also have some smackos for the puppies? I am thinking of you. love Linda

    PS: While I don’t know what the building code requires in Townsville, the earthquake made me want to kiss every structural engineer in Santiago – so maybe the cantilevered house will be fine.

    • Yes, well, it was built by an engineer, and he says it’s safe, as does the council.
      I think we were all ticked off because it’s so UGLY looking up the hill.
      It was one of those houses they build in factories, truck to the site, then staple together. (maybe more than staple – tee hee).

      There’s soooo much food here for all of us, but no chocolate!
      The Dodgy Brothers, well one of them, that would be Arnie, in the photo with the Lilac radio, was too fat when we got home, so he gets Broccoli for treats.
      And he eats it. Tee Hee.

      Thanks for the good wishes,

  3. 1. your puppy is so cute, i could eat it
    2. love the ref: FF (2010)…. reminds me of my Uni days… I used to lose marks for incorrect referencing. Is it FF, 2010? or as above? Harvard, smarvard. I never could remember.
    3. stay safe and keep us updated…. my child is eating corn chips for dinner as I cannot leave the computer….. not even for a millisecond.
    A-M xx

  4. I am relieved to read you live in a concrete building AND have a basement.
    Poor Georgie. But he has nice company with all the plants around.
    Hope noone lives under the “house on sticks”.

    • George has three sisters, an Alexandrine, an Indian Ringneck and a King Pigeon.
      They are all in the laundry, bored to tears!
      They’ve got lots of generator leads to look at in there I guess!
      People DO live in that house, but I’m betting they are not there now.

    • Thanks Elaine,
      I won’t get into danger, not allowed to. Too many sensible people in this house.
      Actually, I don’t think I could get out Elaine. There’s plywood boards on all the sliding doors, doors are shut tight, and guards at the door to the garages.
      I don’t think the garage doors would even open now, the wind is really strong.
      There’s genuine wild surf in our calmwater bay.
      O/S readers, Townsville is inside the Great Barrier Reef, so we don’t have surf or waves. (except in cyclones).

  5. Oh darling I’m sick I tell you. Friends in Cairns txt this morning to say they were bunking down under their very strong house with lots of wine. The news on now and it’s not looking good. All I can say is we are thinking of you and praying as well as crossing EVERYTHING!
    Lilac radio…very noice.
    Keep in touch if possible.

    • Tee Hee, Lilac Radio.
      That’s a keeper eh what?
      Don’t worry, we really are bunkered down.
      The news does tend to show the worst though.
      George Boyle VERY happy, inside on Dad’s shoulder.
      Will post photos soon.
      See you at Anouks -did I get it right?

  6. HI, came over from A-Ms. Just wanted to wish you luck. Have everything crossed and love your FF reference. Old Testament times people FF 2011. Deb

  7. Dear Louise, such dramatic photos, am v worried about the house propped up on bamboo poles, looks so spindly . keep safe, I will eat extra chocolate for you, just to be on the safe side, and mentally I am hunkering down, out of solidarity xx

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