Category 5 now.

Wind at centre 300 ks/hr.

This is a really, really, really bad one.



5:03 am EST Wednesday 2 February 2011.

The sky this morning

It’s started to Head South Again.

So Townsville is getting ready.

5000 houses to be evacuated today, the police and army are door knocking.

I will give Dodgy Brother reports during the day.

WE have a new battery operated radio

the only one left in Townsville was


It has the Dodgy SEal of Approval though

The background of all photos is going to look weird – but we’ve got emergency things everywhere, and shifted a lot of furniture in case we need to provide shelter to others.






6 thoughts on “CYCLONE YASI and TOWNSVILLE – Wednesday

  1. Oh my, this sounds bad, poor Queensland. I called Mr B to come look at this post and his first comment was ” OOOh, Louise has a MacBook.” Which was not the point at all! Typical male techno tunnel vision. You may be about to be hit with a hurricane, but hey, you have great technology! Mr B has been sent away in disgrace. xx

    • Mr B should send the Scalectrix to me as punishment. If I have a house left, I will arrange for delivery.
      Tee Hee.
      But what did you think of the LILAC – radio. I bet they were amazed they managed to sell that one, even in a cyclone.

  2. OMG, Louise, I just realised you live in Townsville! Where are you going to stay today? Why would you stay at home … I imagine the home to be blown away.

    Do you experience cyclons sometimes during summer-season in Queensland?

    • Nope, staying in the house, it’s big and strong, and we’ve boarded up the windows.
      Well the males in the house did, I did girly things like make lunch, move books, organise food, talk to the dogs, take some photos, fill the bathtub.

  3. Hi Louise, long time reader of the great QLD blogs, but first time commenter. We are directly behind Innisfail on the Atherton Tablelands and are bracing ourselves also. Wishing you and yours all the best. Stay safe.

    • Hello Phoebe, My goodness it’s 2;30 and the local ABC are saying YOU GUYS are going to cop it too.
      Please be very safe and careful yourself.
      As Faux Fuchsia says “FINGERS AND TOES PEOPLES”

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