Tuesday Morning Cyclone update.

06:30 EDT  Tuesday 1-2-11 (and it’s Paddy’s birthday today)



5am Tuesday Morning 1st February

Hi everyone.

There is a lot of empty land along the Coast here in North Queensland.

Big gaps between towns and cities.

Here’s hoping Yasi doesn’t want a metropolitan experience!



Dodgy One - Cyclone preparation. Morning coffee.

Cyclone prep for the elderly Bichons.




7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Cyclone update.

  1. Fingers crossed, v impressed by your providing maps, super interesting (or am I just a bit nerdy – no, don’t answer that!) Why lots of undeveloped land by coast? – thinking of the crowded Cote d’Azur etc, just seems amazing… xx

  2. Oh I am scared for you, I really am. How huge is it!!!…. the size of bl***y Queensland.
    How is that going to fizzle out? and not cause any damage, I ask you. As our beloved, bloggy crush FF says, ‘Old Testament conditions’.
    Happy Birthday Paddy! A-M xx (used to be Armchair Trader, I think you mentioned me once in your newspaper).

  3. Dear Louise, loving all the maps and diagrams, so that’s what Aussieland looks like! Love pic of Dodgy 1 – is that really his coffee? does look like he is licking his lips. And oh my gosh, all the pharmaceuticals for your poor older doggies – though for a moment thought I had clicked onto FF post about Keef… back in the day, i mean…xx

    • Hi Blights,
      Arnie could see me preparing Bronny and Bee’s medication – are you impressed with the daily pill dispensers for dogs?
      So, while I wasn’t watching the table – so Arnie did what Arnie does – and helped himself to my coffee.
      BTW your post today is AMAZING – truly one of the funny ones!

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