Tuesday Afternoon update onYasi

Hey everyone who’s been crossing fingers and toes (FF2011)


Yasi is heading North

BUT he needs to go a LOT further north than Cairns.



Issued at 4:59 pm EST Tuesday 1 February 2011.

keep everything crossed, it’s working!




11 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon update onYasi

  1. Thanks Blighty. Lovely day, saw True Grit and then had lunch at Anouk. Both were superb. Altho husband balked at the testosterone ratio of the latter when he looked inside Anouk. Lots of Sheilas chattering. But it was my birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Paddy
    Happy Birthday to you
    Hip Hip, well you get the idea don’t you Paddy. How fabulous that you love Anouk. So does FF and so do I.
    Dear Louise I’am extremely concerned for you Townsvillians and Cairns folk. We have friends in Cairns. Very worrying.
    Older canines do rather need lots of pills and potions don’t they. One day I’m going to calculate the cost of loving Tessa in her lifetime, must be thousands.
    And Happy Birthday to your Mum!!

    • Tee Hee Annie.
      The Arnie photo was just for you!

      We are honestly fine here, ask Paddy, our house is really solid.
      Cairns though – and poor Innisfail – they are the ones to be concerned about.
      Tessa , $$$$$$, it’s a no brainer really isn’t it. WE pay up no matter what.


      • A hip trendy yummy restaurant in Paddington. Very reasonably priced. We could go to Anouk Louise, now theres a thought?

  3. it the cyclone moves more north – Papa Neuguinea will be hit? Now I feel sorry for them.
    I hate cyclones, one of the things I definitely do not miss, living here in Central-Europe.
    To me it seems cyclones hit those populations where you find the highest number of wooden houses. They get torn apart in a second. Stone and concrete buildings would resist but they are built in regions where you have different weather conditions. So the damage is always so huge when a cyclone hits a coast.

    • HI Paula,
      Cyclone is a long way from PNG – they are safe.
      It’s heading back south towards a town called Cardwell. In North Qld we have very strict building regulations, all our houses have to be built to cyclone rating.
      BUT – this is the biggest cyclone Qld has ever had, it’s going to test us out, that’s for sure. I am VERY LUCKY to live in a big strong concrete and brick house.

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