Cyclone 1, been and gone, cyclone 2 coming.

Thanks for emails, calls and texts

Cyclone Anthony went to Bowen and did not throw his weight around too much at all.


now Yasi is coming.

Look where it’s heading

right to Townsville.

I’m hoping Yasi is fickle, loses it’s way, and fizzles out.


I’m not worried for my family, I think our house is big and strong.


But people who live beside Townsville’s beaches are being told NOW, that they should think about evacuating their homes tomorrow.

Panoramic view of Townsville from Castle Hill

These are just some of the beachside areas here in Townsville.


I’m off to buy as much as I can in case we have to take in people who’s homes are evacuated.

Hope they don’t mind tinned food, pasta, rice and UHT milk.

That’s what this guy says we need.

Please cross all your fingers and toes (or “FINGERS AND TOES PEOPLE ” Faux Fuchsia 2010) for Yasi to go away.




5 thoughts on “Cyclone 1, been and gone, cyclone 2 coming.

  1. Dear Louise, so glad Anthony was not too bad, I am indeed crossing fingers and toes that Yasi will not get to you; if 2 small boys in Viking hats and clashing checks and stripes turn up at yours seeking shelter, please send them back, they are just trying to get out of doing their homework..xx

  2. Thanks Blighty.
    I can’t believe how fast you are sometimes, I think your comment came in before I’d even finished loading the extra photos.
    In (non-cyclone related) breaking news, I have finally taught myself how to get a screenshot. So you got the weather map tonight.
    It only took 2 months to work out how to do this.
    TEE HEE.
    PS Check the final birthday, age, elder sister conversation that poor Annie (Anne -Marie) was hauled into by Paddy and I, in the last post. I think I won with my press credibility comment?

  3. Fingers and Toes (FF) are crossed to within an inch of their lives Louise for everyone up north.
    Have replied to your latest email re Brissy catch up.

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