Jetlag, 6 days and counting, instead of planes

Even though it’s sunny here at home,

We are getting ourselves ready for two

tropical cyclones

Northern Hemispherians may call them Hurricanes).

We’re supposed to be stocking up but not panic buying.

So I’ve been thinking about ways to travel


are jetlag free


are in places

where there are guarranteed to be




Train rides through the snow on a VERY fast train

so fast – outside looks blurry!

St Petersburg to Helsinki

Then there’s the FLAM

the steepest train trip in the world.

it’s in Norway

and everything about it is spectacularly beautiful

even in the Wintery palette of black and white

and it has great tunnels too

And here’s the station in Voss in Norway

at 10am – dark isn’t it?

And this gorgeous Hotel

is at the station.


you just roll your bag

20 metres along the platform

to the front door,

check right in.

close up of the sign in front of Georgie

How friendly is that?

You can go by bus too

From Rovaneimi to Inari in Finland there’s no other way
so you just settle in and enjoy it.
and look out the window
at the (I promise this is true)
sunrise and sunset
at noon.
Because now you are further north than even SIBERIA.
You could go by truck
But I don’t recommend that way.
Car trips are great
because you see things up close when you stop
Kirkenes – Top of Norway
and way down in the almost tropical south of Norway
you can see these on the side of the road
Outside Voss.
But my favourite transportation
is still this
I loved it
Well, I’m off to hit the supermaket, the hardware store, the petrol station
and NOT panic buy.

23 thoughts on “Jetlag, 6 days and counting, instead of planes

  1. Dear Louise, what a lovely post, your photos are so good! I would love to go seriously OOp North (not just Newcastle). Can’t get over how dark it was in Voss at 10 in the morning. I notice from the hotel reception sign that Norwegian for children is “barn” – up North and in Scotland kids are called bairns, must be connected (those Vikings again). Also must tell you my mother is a big fan of your blog, she finds it very interesting and loves all the photos – you can put that on your sidebar “Grandma Whacker Approved” – scary or what!! xx

    • Hey Blights,
      ALAS – I don’t know how to do a sidebar.
      But, as soon as I find out, I’m getting me that Stamp of Grandma Whacker Approval toot sweet.
      Say hi to the Big G for me and tell her I’ll do a post for her soon.
      The Vikings did have a big influence on Scotland you know, and there were heaps of Scottish Pubs in Tromso and Trondheim – ahhhh, another post I can do.
      Thanks – you are a fount of further post inspiration.
      Cyclone’s heading south of us, as I type this.
      But, there’s a MUCH bigger one, right behind it, due Thursday.

  2. Seriously that dark at 10am? Wonderful photos… what a journey you have had. All that lovely snow. I am so not looking forward to these cyclones. I can’t stock my fridge, I am still on limited power (meaning it could go at any time if someone overloads the system)… just living on the basics. Northern Hemisphere is looking good. A-M xx

    • Yes AM – it was truly beautiful, but to tell the truth, the lack of sunshine does get you down. Also, I did not admit, that for part of the Husky Ride, I wanted desperately for it to be over. I can’t describe how cold it was being the passenger in -22C , with a further -10 windchill factor. As soon as I got to be the driver though, I was happy as!
      Cyclone food, they tell us up here to just be prepared by pretending that we are going camping at home for a week. Isn’t that helpful, tee hee. No way I’d be camping anywhere.

  3. Dear Ms Louise, I am so with you regarding the jet lag. I try to be good and go to bed early and then I am wide awake from 1am until the kids wake up. I think that it is too much having cyclones bear down on Queensland as well – I remember one when I was a child which was super scary. Lovely piccies of course. Please cuddle up somewhere very snug and safe with the doggies. love Linda xxx

    • Hi Linda, flying west is so much worse isn’t it?
      We flew home from Buenos Aires last year – and I didn’t miss a beat of sleep from the moment we got home.
      The Dodgy Brothers(chihuahuas) love good cuddle in bed, so they might get one if it gets super windy tonight, they’ve never experienced a cyclone. The Bichons are fine with cyclones (have lived through 5) because at 16 they are fairly deaf.
      In very exciting news, the birds get to have a night in the laundry instead of the conservatory. Not exciting for them, but safer. I’ll do a post to tell you about them another time.
      I hope your jetlag is over now, it’s just disgusting isn’t it!

    • Hi FF
      Looks like the Cyclone is heading south, it’s the next one we have to worry about.
      I hope Brissie does not get even a spit of rain from wither of these cyclones though.
      You have a baby gift coming from Italy. Hopefully it will arrive before the bub turns 5.

  4. Love the photos Louise.
    I can’t think of anything witty to write because of this cyclone nonsense. Stay safe and don’t forget to buy UHT milk.

    • She’s ready to fly the coop, she had another huge bath and blow dry when she got home, and had a nap in the folding basket, and was abducted while she slept, and may have been shown a Dodgy Good Time. Arnie fell in love and lust with Georgie all over again.

  5. ? which bit is the weird language of spam?
    Happy Birthday for Tuesday Paddy – tee hee.
    Oh, I forgot to mention, I read Blighty’s blog too you know, and the comments, and I was honest and confessed to Blighty that I am actually older than you. She knows that we are twins, but I am the first born and older than you by several minutes. Tee Hee.
    your older sis
    Guess I have another birthday on Tuesday too now.

  6. Good comeback Louise!

    Are you guys ok up there? News reports say Anthony has weakened but Yasi is going to be dreadful.

    • We are fine thank you so much for asking. I’m coming down to Brissie earlier in case Yasi closes the airport on Thursday.
      Shirl the Girl only turns 80 once – so we cannot miss a the huge night of celebrations planned.

  7. Hilarious, am loving the sisterly repartee on here so much! i think I have got it straight now – Paddy’s the older of you two, right? And Happy Birthday to Shirley – Grandma W turned 80 last August, and if she finds out I put that on the internet she will murder me..xx

  8. Your pool? YOUR private pool? Seriously? Paired with the view?! :-0
    What a cool life!
    I love the hotel by the station. I once stayed in a similar hotel in Austria. I wish they stay forever. And the children’s check in is really neat.

    I am happy you did not quit blogging after your return. 🙂

    • HI Paula, Yes it’s our pool, with a view. Actually all the rooms in the house have a view too – tee hee.
      Blogging is EASIER at home, I have internet, it was just so hard in Scandinavia – the wiFi was too weak.
      Got heaps more trip blogs to do, hope I don’t bore you!

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