Redecorating ideas from St Petersburg.

This is a decorating post for the lovely AM, who built a wonderful house.



If you are thinking of renovating or redecorating

And you are OVER the Minimalist look,

take a look at some of these tips from the Russian Tsarinas.






Solid Gates Keep out the riff raff.

Can you spot Georgie?






External paint choices


Should match your interior colours

If you live in an area where carpets get damp and musty

Or like me you have 4 dogs

Don’t use rugs,




Have your timber floors designed to replicate rug patterns


We all know that mirrors give the illusion of more space



See how well it works here?

But remember, your mirrors should always be gilded!




In the bedroom you can let your hair down

and have those fine china (and I mean Fine Porcelain)

columns you always wanted.

Along with girlie wallpaper and a girlie sofa




The Living Room walls are for displaying your creativity, and talent for


with silver thread

(that means real silver that tarnishes),

Or if you are thinking gold is better
Use gold thread which (of course) doesn’t tarnish
that’s it for me.
to get to this post done,
while Mr inTownsville is at the London Boat Show
not supervising my WILD internet spending spree.
And I must practice my Hermes Scarf tying skills to tizzy up my travel wardrobe
for the big BLIGHTY fest tomorrow.
Love to all

15 thoughts on “Redecorating ideas from St Petersburg.

  1. Oh that is all so sumptuous, great photos and Georgie looks very at home. Is that the Hermitage or the Winter Palace?? have never been, would love to go (hatches plan to abscond with housekeeping money). See you soon, do not worry about dressing up, I am NOT chic and will just be very overexcited and muddled as per usual xx

    • Geepers, How fast are you!
      I hadn’t even finished! Just finished it now.
      I’m going to ring you in an hour or so.

      Ooowaaaaah, Chris is still out, and I’ve sent 18 pounds on the Internet!


      • Did Georgie want to blend in, hence the gold bow tie/scarf? Very dapper indeed.
        Ohh am so envious you are meeting Blighty. You girls have a fabulous time and I expect ALL the details thanks, nothing less will do!

      • Blighty,
        It’s both palaces.
        If you look at the dates, 15th is Catherine’s Palace in the Suburbs (it was her winter getaway), and 17th is the Hermitage. They leave the French stuff in the Loire Valley for dead.a

  2. so I have given you an award thingie as someone gave me one – Stylish Blogger – check it out at mine. Not quite sure what the point is, except it gave me the excuse to go round annoying lots of other bloggers, which must be good.xx

    • Well thanks for that, I’m not sure what it is, I will check it out though? I am puzzled however, HOW you can get ME and someone named STYLISH BLOGGER into the same sentence? ME and STYLISH are not words that go together.

  3. Oh Louise, you have put a smile on my dial this morning! I too am risking life and limb to blog this morning (although it is not costing me 12 pounds!). I am shacked up in my unit with no power or water. The boys are at Grans and I needed somewhere to stay in town while I am up here. Talk about ghost town. The whole power grid is down here and all you can see is the occasional candle in a window and hear the laughter of people surviving without TV and getting to know each other through conversation. As FF would say, “who would have thought”. Love this post. So wonderful that we are all be united through our blogs. Give my love to Blighty. A-M xx

    • Hi AM – well I have to say, it’s wonderful to read such a chipper and upbeat post from you.
      The 12 pounds rose to 18 by the time I went back and fixed up all my mistakes and typos.
      I’m really keen to follow your next project, and I will be very chuffed if you manage to include porcelain columns in your next bedroom.

  4. love the suggested looks for redecorating, the first one looks like it was done by a major flood, georgie leads the fashion forward ideas in home decorating !!!!
    have fun xxxx

    • Hello my gorgeous Spotted One. Are you back at work? I hope it’s not too horrible to have your nose to the grindstone again.

      I have lots more photos with great ideas for redecorating your place! I think you guys definitely need a bit of Tsarina tizz at your place. I ahve some great photos of light fittings in particular for you.

  5. Dear Ms Louise
    I luff Saint Petersburg 11/10 (apologies to Ms FF). I used to go there reasonably often when we lived in Moscow. It always felt very romantic and Anna Karenina-ish taking the midnight train. What we love about SP is that it is whatever you want it to be: the Saint Petersburg of the period that your photos show – all gild and opulence; the Saint Petersberg of deeply depressing Dostoevsky novels; Leningrad the hero city which was under seige during WW2 – the stories of this time are really really sad, people ate the gum which kept the glass in the windows, they were so hungry. Did you go to the Russian Museum? It has the most magnificient Russian art. We would go and gawk at these magnficient paintings and then retire to a Korean Restaurant (with lots of men with no necks and and an excess of gold jewellery present) to eat Asian food which is what I always miss when I am out of Australia. Do you really have 3 Hermes scarves? I treat my single one as if it is a newborn baby! Loving your adventures. Lindaxxx

  6. HI Linda.
    How’s the holiday going? Are you still at home or back in Chile?

    St Petersburg WAS amazing but I must admit, those Russian Novels are very hard to read, I always gave up about a third of the way through.
    I did read Uncle Vanya though – sort of had to with that one, I was in the play in Brissie at La Boite, a thousand years ago.

    Yes I do have three (well actually quite a few more) H Scarves – but don’t forget, I’m nearly a million, it’s easy to accumulate stuff by the time you are as old as me.

    This is is disgusting, but I have a couple of scarves I washed the wrong way, bleached, and over ironed. They look very sad. I’m thinking of giving those to my god daughter, she and I discussed those twins (US ones – skinny, celebrities, do their own clothes ranges, were in a TV show when they were babies – can’t remember their names) one of whom has a distressed -meaning totally wrecked – Hermes Birkin bag.
    My GD could start a trend with distressed H scarves.

    Linda, when are you off to Patagonia, I must do a post for you with some of the photos and tips?

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