Georgie does Venice.

After 3 weeks in the land of no sun and no sky, Georgie was very excited to land in Venice.


We didn’t tell her that in Venice there’s no ground.

Just water.

She looked out the window of the B & B

and saw streets of water

We took her downtown and she saw, big streets of water.

To cheer her up, we thought we’d take her out for brekkie in Venice, even though it was still pretty dark.

More streets full of water,



Egads, in a watery city, all the food comes from the water.


And look at this.

And this.

And here’s a man preparing breakfast.

Fortunately some of the shops catered to Aussies and we found a fine selection of  nibbles.

Like these little cakes – no miniature cupcakes for the Venetians!


A chocolate fountain, I know, they are done to death, but this was in a little suburban cafe.

And so much chocolate that for inspiration they made Chocolate Salami.

They also take their marshmallow very seriously.

No white and pink pillows in Allens Packets,

in Venice you do ROPES of Marshmallow.

The Venetians also take their fashion very seriously.

Look at this young couple.

And this young pup.



Even the grannies look seriously stylish, even if they are just nipping out for bread.

And the grandpas are not left behind in the style stakes either.








4 thoughts on “Georgie does Venice.

  1. Oh Georgie you didn’t need to go all the way to Venice for streets of water!

    Nice to see a post here L, where have you been, do you think you are on holidays or something. The Italians are super stylish, which is easy when one does not need to fret about humidity. The pup is a dead ringer for mine when she is overdue for her hairdressing appointment.
    Missing you Paddy. Isn’t mildew the pits. I truly thought it was dust on my wooden blinds until I decided to inspect up close wearing my glasses…
    How is the patient Louise (and his nurse)?

    • Annie,
      I’VE been INTERNETLESS – the HORROR!

      Got 30 minutes in Rome and chucked that Venice Blog on without even checking.
      Today I’m in London, and the Internet is 6 pounds an hour.
      I’ve only got an hour -would you believe?
      Off to meet Blighty tomorrow – should be a funny day – I think it amy be a competition to see who can interrupt the other the most.

  2. I’m proud of Pete – he’s a good boy.
    Thanks for that lovely newsy update. I’ve been miserable without internet for so long! And it’s been hard not being able to follow the news from home.

    In London now, with the flue (Bloody Roman Flue!) and the excitement of the London Boat Show, has not managed to cheer me up.
    But a day with Blighty tomorrow should do the trick.


  3. Love this post, par tic the fashion tips, can’t wait to workshop (TM FF) Venice with you. So engrossed have forgotten that I am in middle of cooking Sunday lunch and now spuds have disintegrated etc but no one will notice any difference..xx

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