How to Find the REAL Santa Claus. (Christmas is only 354 days away you know).

The hunt for Santa in Lapland.


First check that you are on the Arctic Circle (and get it confirmed in English too)



Find the enchanted forest in Lapland, the one where you get a flash of sunlight right on 11am.



Find the special trail where Santa’s elves have sprinkled seeds for the hungry forest birds who did not fly south for the winter.


(Although I hardly think Georgie cuts the mustard as a HUNGRY FOREST BIRD)

Meet Santa’s reindeer herder, and undergo special initiation ceremony.


Special Note here – turns out Santa does not use a GPS to navigate his way around the world.  In Lapland you can undergo a special initiation ceremony so that Santa will always be able to find you.

I’m sorry it’s a secret ceremony, so I am not allowed to tell you exactly what happens or to show you the Reindeer Herder’s face.


Then you drive your own Reindeer Sleigh further into the Enchanted Forest


After a long, cold journey you arrive at Santa’s Post Office where you have a bit of a sit down and a fireside chat with a plump reindeer.


Then you want to go through all the mail and see if you can find your letter from Australia

Lot of mail here to check through.

Jump up on to the top of the mail sorting shelves for a closer look

Here’s the Australian Mail!

I know you’re not supposed to read other people’s mail, but it can be very interesting to see what other people have asked Santa to bring them for Christmas.



Then you have to be very, very, very good for another whole year!


7 thoughts on “How to Find the REAL Santa Claus. (Christmas is only 354 days away you know).

  1. Go georgie, amazing that georgie hasn’t frozen yet, looks like a magicial holiday.
    Yes I have a spare helment for Jason, been out on the bike everyday and just loving it.
    Only a few more days before we go back to work and live in the real world ha ha ha keep having fun talk soon

    • Hooray Spotted One!
      You got on to the latest blog post and commented first.
      Well done.
      Did you read Little James’ comment on the last post? Very funny, well worth reading. He also tells me (by email) that (surprize, surprize – did I know that Arnie does not like having his claws clipped). Tee Triple Hee, we have no trouble doing it, with Chris, Jason and I holding the little bugger down!
      Guess what?
      CB has Shingles, diagnosed this morning.

  2. Does Santa employ elves to answer all those letters?
    I’ve never had shingles Louise but I send commiserations to the afflicted individual because I believe it is quite dreadful. Just read your comment on FF about doctor fees in Norway, how inexpensive is that!!

  3. Yes, isn’t that amazing that we did not know any of that. Do you think it’s and Australian thing, or a Shirl thing?

  4. Dear Santa, I would like Daniel Craig for Christmas. I have been a very good girl, and now I intend being a very bad girl. Thanks.

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