Here comes the sun, the sky and the INTERNET!

Yesterday we sailed straight into a clear blue sky and saw – THE SUN!

And here it is, hot off the press.

By my calculation it was 19 days since we had last seen either the sun or a blue sky.

There was major cause for rejoicing let me tell you!

People/Person travelling with me suggested my temperament was evidence of a  SEVERE deficiency of sunshine.  (Blighty, take note of that little gem).  Something to do with a non-existant sense of humour, a total unwillingness to smile or talk to people on the boat, the ease with which I was irritated by all and sundry.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to blame all that on a lack of sunshine?


So, it turns out that Norway looks like this:



and this


Not just this:


and this:


And houses look like this:

and this

as well as this


In sunlight the trees are actually green, look at these babies

And these poor cousins without leaves or sunshine

Can you believe that even the boats in Norway look much better in Sunshine

Sad boat with sunshine deficiency syndrome.


You know, even shops like to show off in sunshine.

But  when you live right up North (where the sun don’t shine) you can gussy up the shops with pretty lights
We did see the Northern Lights
That’s a photo of a 3D postcard.
Here’s my genuine photo
I promise
a) they were there and we did see them
b) if you wiggle the computer around and look upside down you WILL see some green.
Stay tuned,
lots more posts coming.
And here’s a snippet of something wildly exciting.
Bronny and Bee have relatives in Northern Norway

7 thoughts on “Here comes the sun, the sky and the INTERNET!

  1. Great to receive a post with pics Louise. The cruise sounded frightful.
    I hear you regarding lack of sunshine, I also become a tad testy after days without it’s rays. You really are having an adventure, just like Paddy with her gardening and painting!
    Just love the little bundles of fluff in spiffy coats, my poodle would die in those conditions…she does not DO cold.
    Next time you are in Brissy we should do coffee??

    • Hey Annie, first off the mark again!
      One Norwegian Poodle coming up in the next post!
      Yes to coffee.
      I bought your present already, I hope you like big strong Vikings!

  2. Ooh Louise you are so sweet, a big strong viking just for little ole me!!

    Honestly I’m not a stalker, it’s coincidence I’m often first to comment :))
    Enjoy the bracing cold in Norway cause it is revoltingly hot humid and sticky back home.

    • Naah, don’t think you are a stalker! You are the sweet one who comments. The others are just reading the blog then texting me or emailing. They are going to be in so much trouble whenI get home, let me tell you!
      TEE HEE.

  3. Louise! I just love your blog. I almost feel like I’m on the holiday with you both. Only that I’m sweating in sunlight. Hehe. So now I walk into the fridge and close the door when I read your blog. Your photos look amazing. Maybe next time you should bring me on your holiday, so I can photograph and you can focus on the commentary of the blog.
    I have shown Bron and Bee their cousins. They both seemed to think they have aged better than their cousins. Well….that’s what their body language implied (whilst sleeping). Bron said the secret to staying youthful is ‘Biltong’ twice a day, Porterhouse for dinner, and sleeping in between meals.

    I was just thinking it would be easier to find love up where you are, afterall most people look more attractive in the dark. Perfect time for me to find a Norwegian Princess I think.

    Well it’s getting cold here in the fridge and I didn’t pack my thermals for the journey so I best be off.

    Hope all continues to be well. All is well here. Can’t wait for the next installment of this fabulous blog.

    Love Little James xx

  4. Norway looks just so beautiful but like you I would really suffer from lack of sunshine, and must be v hard for you coming from sunny climes. Weather really affects my moods, whereas Mr B is far more equable, which I envy. The problem with boats is that you are trapped so cannot escape people – a point I bear in mind when planning to kidnap George Clooney for example.. NOTE TO POLICE: THIS IS A JOKE.

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