St Petersburg, yes it’s cold!

When I work out how to remove the date stamp in the camera I will. No-one needs to tell me the dates for these photos are out of synch!
So, I could tell it was going to be cold when we landed in St Petersburg.

You have to run from the car into the hotel.
Only Georgie braved (0r is fat enough to brave) the cold for a photo op.
But even she had to thaw out here.
Before the sightseeing could commence
The footpaths had to be cleared.

And remembering dire warnings about Death by Falling Icicle
(as opposed to Death by Falling Coconut in Townsville)
Some local guys dealt with those hazards as well.
Finally outside we looked for the Hermitage (aka The Winter Palace).
It’s situated right on the banks of the St Petersburg River
(which of course I forgot the name of – so I’ll duck over to Wiki and report back)
and it’s the Neva River.
But where is the Neva River?
Someone eventually pointed out the Neva River is there – just ………..
Frozen, just like us.
Time for soup.
Which they do well in St Pete’s,
they fill it up with lots of good stuff
(probably meat and vegies – I wasn’t asking)
And some non-Australian Prawns which, never-the-less were
Still too cold to go back outside so
Georgie had a quick chat with Santa
Then they both played Cafe Society and watched St Petersburg walk by.
Churches were next on the agenda.
Particularly pretty pastel blue ones.
Inside had to be warmer than outside, you know how Churches warm up your heart, and nether regions
BUT be CAREFUL,  you have to be wary when lingering around Church doorways in Russia,
you don’t want to end up downtrodden.
After the dangers of Church, a sleigh ride was a cinch.
A local wanting a photo op with Georgie

11 thoughts on “St Petersburg, yes it’s cold!

  1. Ooh Lou I had to use force to move the lady downstairs to venture out into the teaming rain this morning for our obligatory breakfast walk to Maccas. It was soooo wet. We even had to avoid fishes falling from the sky. Fortunately MY feet didn’t get too wet but I did notice the lady from downstairs wallowing through puddles that had I spritely leapt over. Gosh it’s lucky not to suffer having a sore back!
    Moving to my latest adventures (you hadn’t asked but I’m sure you’re rivetedly interested), Ancientron came over yesterday and proposed we work on a drawing project to portray Homer’s description of Achilles’ shield—the one Achilles fought Hector with. The project sounded ant’s pants as Homer’s rant is famous as one of the earliest example of a description of an artwork (technically termed “ecphrasis” if you need a pretentious word to throw around) and gives a wealth of information of the shield’s decoration. But there is a catch: I would have to read a length passage to glean the critical details (it all given in book 18, lines 478-608 of Homer’s Iliad). Alternatively I could download a audio version of it from and take notes. I decided to go for the latter alternative but was dismayed to see that the file had a listening duration much longer than my concentration time of 12 mins … it went on and on for more than 30 mins! So I gave up on Ron’s project. To be honest, the shield had to be round and I only go for ovals.
    Speaking of round things, I think the world should rebel against round ice-cream cakes. What do you think? The lady downstairs offered to make me a round one but baulked when I gave my preference for a rectangular cake. I don’t get the point as turning a round ice-cream cake into a rectangular one is so wasteful with the off-cuts.

    • Good Morning I.B.

      I don’t know how this happened, but your comments/posts go straight through the filters on WordPress, and are published without my approval. I think the Universe and the Blog Gods are working together on your behalf.

      I noticed the typos in your (long) memorandum , good thing you don’t have an important job like teaching at a University or anything, or worse still supervising PhD Students.

      Thanks for the update on the weather at home. I think you are doing an amazing job of keeping this blog focussed on its real agenda – which is of course – Life in Townsville.
      While Spotted One just tells me he has to drink lots of water, your descriptions make me feel – I’m not missing anything.

      I think you should read the whole book on Achilles’ shield then do the drawing – it’s not as if you’ve got anything else to do at the moment. I know your household staff are running around organizing Christmas for you etc etc. (Although I do think you should personally phone your mother on Christmas Day, and not get your servants to do it for you).

      Cheers from Helsinki ( it’s colder than St Pete’s – but stunning).

  2. oops there were more than a few typos in my last contribution to your blog… but I can live with them. Btw, I understand that poor Georgie (the pink bean bag lovingly humped by little Arnie) has bad pneumonia and is going to die soon? Fingers crossed that it will happen in a fleeting instant and not be too protracted. If it happens I’ll try to comfort Arnie … perhaps with an offer of a flattened road toad that I know he loves?

    • Typos -see previous reply.
      Thanks for dobbing Arnie in, this is the Internet, people read this I.B. Poor Arnie will get a bad rep.
      Georgie will not die.
      No need to provide Arnie with flattened road toads (international readers need to google CANE TOADS in North Queensland), he’s already tried one of those. He bought one into the house and put it in his bed. (Much washing and disinfecting was done).

  3. Evening greetings, just in case little Georgie does pass away unexpectedly from her gruelling travels, I’ve posted an epitaph in and you can read it in the review section once you’ve searched for: 0898350123 (“The Illustrated Bartsch: Sixteenth Century German Artists”). The review may not last very long, but if it escapes scrutiny by Amazon staff, lucky Georgie will have her memory set in ether.

  4. Don’t think I could do ‘that cold’ Louise. The worst I’ve experienced was -15 in Toronto and thought I was gonna die.
    Must be rather awkward walking in the michelin man layers of clothing.
    Great pics, keep them coming.

    • Hi Annie,
      I’ve heard about the Toronto Cold, I’ve been told that it’s so cold the shopping centres are all underground. You must have longed for a nice warm Gold Coast beach when you were there.

      I’m now in Helsinki (but still have to finish the St Pete’s posts so we’ll keep it a secret) and it’s even colder.
      The worst part about the cold in the city, is that you absolutely have to have all the gear on, head to toe, and I mean liners – so glove liners and mittens, sock liners and socks and boots, light beanie, woollen beanie, then big hat, then the damn scarves – inside your coat and outside your coat, even to cross the road. Of course when you get to the other side -and go into any building, shop, museum, art gallery, tourist attraction, coffee shop, restaurant – it’s 35 degrees C inside. So all of the above has to come off, and pronto, or you end up nauseous. I guess we are not trained for these massive temperature shifts, the Finns seem to just cruise around the shops wearing the fur coats, fur hats and fur boots.
      I’ll try and get some indoor photos for you. Me looking hot and bothered holding massive amounts of clothing, and the finnish Women skinny as sticks and swanning around looking glam.

    • Hey Tabitha. Thank you for visiting and commenting. How nice to hear from you. I’ve seen you so many times on FF and other IMPORTANT blogs! Gosh I feel terribly important after your visit.
      Poor Georgie has spent 2 days in the hotel room in Helsinki after blitzing St Petersburg.
      It’s b. cold here, and it’s snowing like billyo. The locals here are telling us there is more snow in Helsinki than in Lapland, well, all I can say to that naysaying is that Santa lives up there, not in Helsinki. I should have the next post finished by tomorrow.

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