Everything and more about the Qantas A380.

I’ve had computer problems everyone, sorry about the delay in posting.  Hope I’ve solved it.  Here’s the flight to St Petersburg.

Sorry it’s a long post and probably full of typos, it’s after midnight, I’ve battled with the Apple and Internet demons and am V. Sleepy.

To everyone who wanted lots of photos of the A380, here they are, to everyone else, sorry to be a bore.



Checked in at Sydney Airport

As she had a passport, Georgie got the red carpet check in treatment.

Found this garden on the way to the lounge, Georgie forgot she was a passenger and acted like a bird!

Another Check in counter upstairs - Ooooh this is flash!

Checking in again, and yes you guessed it - people wanting a photo op with Georgie.

The team at Qantas First in Sydney were wonderful, they looked after me as well as Georgie.  Thanks Susanne, Roger and especially Michael.

What? Georgie? Another check-in counter?

Ahhhhh, this explains it.

? In bed Georgie?

Nope, not exactly, just resting before the flight. Facial and massage here I come.

Aaaahhhh, the tranquillity. (Non-Australians should Google "The Castle".

Our A380

Georgie looked hard at each engine, all ok.

I must say, I had a good look for any singe marks too.

It was ok to board.

Boarding A380 - look stairs.

Cool seats on A380s

Georgie carefully watched the safety demonstration.

And the take off.

She had a drink.

Had a sticky beak in the galley

And a cuppa.

Went to bed

And slept like a baby

Got off in Singers, and then back on, thought she’d check out the Cock Pit, but chickened out!
Took off again, too tired to watch it on tv again.

Freshened up in the Loo.

Checked out the lift in the galley. Plenty big enough.

Organised a few things in the Flight Manager's Office

Found another staircase, a curvy one.

Look a snack bar.

That filled in an hour and a half.  Only 11 hours to go.  Sleeping and reading was done. Maybe some talking to the flight crew and anyone else I  find awake during the night.  Well of course  I talked, and talked and talked – I’m me!

10 hours later, brekkie.

Nearly there, time to start looking out for Blighty’s house.

Blighty, I'm looking for you, flash your front verandah light.

Can't see you in the London fog Blighty.

Can I see your house from Terminal 5 Blighty?


Horses. Horses? In an airport?

Another bloody plane.

Where's my TV and Pyjamas, and drink, and peanuts?

Bye Blighty, I looked everywhere for you.

Hello St Petersburg, you look cold!


11 thoughts on “Everything and more about the Qantas A380.

    Dear Illustrated Bartsch.
    Many other readers have asked for the word restriction on Illustrated Bartsch to be lifted. Apparently they do like reading your comments, even though they are about you instead of intownsville.
    It appears that you are becoming a feature on this (extremely young) blog.
    I KNEW this would happen, you will be so much more popular than me.

  2. Well, seeing that you so kindly asked me to talk about myself, I’ll open the doors on my present preoccupation: turning my sleek stainless steel framed aquarium bed-head into a Piranesi prison for neon tetras—small guppy-like fish that have appeal to those of the A308 age. (If you are unfamiliar with Piranesi and his prison images you must do a Google.) Last night I spent an enjoyable evening drawing up the plans for the prison in sanguine ink laced with a touch of sepia and soon I’ll start building the structures for the fish tank based on these drawings. For those who may be interested in a similar project for their neon tetra tank, I’m crushing terracotta pots (belonging to and unbeknown to the fine people who live downstairs) to act as the building block rubble for the prison structures and will use Selleys Aqua Knead It putty to join everything together. To ensure that the grout made from the putty isn’t too eye catching, I’m grinding some of the terracotta to powder and mixing it in with the putty. This is important or the prison will not have the appropriate degree of grunge.

    • Hello Dear I.B.
      I am thrilled to hear about the next stage of your Piranesi fishtank masterpiece. I just ran down to the Hermitage here in St Petersburg and informed them of your progress. They asked me to ask you if you would consider lending the finished artwork to them next year, and if so, should they save a wall in the Renaissance Room or in the Contemporary building of the Hermitage?
      While I was there I took lots of photos of “other people” doing Rural Poor, and trees for you. Somehow, I will work them into the blog so other readers can share in the glory.
      I hope the people downstairs are well, and that they are looking after you in the manner you so rightly deserve now that you have embarked on another major work.

  3. My hubs is going to be your new fan Louise, I showed him your previous post and will delight him with this one too. Give you one guess who he works for?
    Have fun on the ground in freezing St Petersburg!

  4. Love the travelog. and the adventures of the bird but is he travelling alone? It would be great to see your image somewhere in the blog. Bartch wants to add something to this post on his behalf before I send it but i think he should not put words into my mouth. Have a great trip

    • Hi Ancient Ron. Boy are you ancient or what? You don’t put your face on your blog, that’s just not the done thing. You have to remain mysterious, sort of alluring and hard to pin down.
      PLUS – no make-up and hair doing happening here. By the time you put on 72,000 layers to go out, take them off when you go inside anything (shops, churches, museums, whatever), then don the whole lot again to go back out – grooming and photo ready appearances are non-existent.

      That Bartch is a worry. I believe he is constructing some kind of Palace underwater, hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as Atlantis.

  5. Gee that bird gets around, I’ll have to talk to Georgie in private to get all the behind the scenes gossip.
    Hope that your enjoying yourselves in the cold cold cold, nice weather here only loosing a litre of fluid a day, hard to keep up with the rehydration.
    lots of love xxx

    • Hello Spotted One. Yes I’ve heard it’s a bit humid at home.
      Humidity is not an issue here, My hair is almost straight.
      Behind the scenes – all is well.
      Are you ready for for Christmas?
      I’ll ring you all on Xmas Eve, as soon as I’ve spoken to Santa.

  6. Louise, as you flew into London I was in fact on my front doorstep waving the biggest and most eye catching thing I could find in our house: Mr B’s Y fronts. He is gutted to learn that they were too small to be seen from the air. Life can be so sad.

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