We’re on our way to the North Pole.


None of the birds or dogs at our place had a passport so travelling to foreign lands was not an option for them.


Georgina the Townsville Galah, sister of George B was allowed to travel so she’s doing the big trip to see Santa with us.

Getting away was tricky for Georgie though. Dodgy Brother 1 fell in love with her the night before our departure and the two of them disappeared into the garden for an hour or so.

Georgie reappeared looking slightly the worse for wear (thanks Arnie B), but it was nothing a quick shower and a blow dry couldn’t repair.


Georgie's version of the magnificent Parlux Hairdrier (strongly recommended by Faux Fuchsia)

I think she’ll be able to handle cold places, like me she’s well padded in all the right places!

I did learn that being pink and fluffy opens a lot of locked doors for a girl!

Soft,fluffy pink girls get taken to all the good places.

And unlike me, people just fall all over themselves to get a photo op with Georgie.


Faux Fuchsia takes such tempting food photos I thought I’d give it a shot too.

A Galah has to keep up her strength, even if she’s not flying herself to Sydney.

A few years ago, we found out the hard way that Sydney taxi drivers do NOT like short fares to the nearby airport hotels.  (On that occasion I think we were fortunate we did not speak the foreign language used to voice the cabbie’s disgust with us).

How to get to the airport Hotel?

Older and wiser, this time we used the airport hotel Shuttle Service. They have 2 way radios.  (????? in North Qld we use mobile phones, but whatever.)

Georgie called up a couple of charmers.

Thanks Sydney Shuttle Services. 

Another couple of guys chasing Georgie for a photo op.

Sunday morning, the really big trip is about to commence.

Checking flying conditions for the A380 to St Petersburg.

So, I’ll talk to your from Russia, soon!



5 thoughts on “We’re on our way to the North Pole.

  1. Too funny Louise.
    Georgie must have cooed sweetly to gain entry into the cockpit for her photo op. She is a star.
    Travel safe and looking forward to more posts of your adventures!

    • Hi A.
      You are faaaaast.
      That post was only just done. I know it took me forever to get the 2nd post done, but blogging is not coming easily for me. Ask Paddy how much I’ve been whinging to her?
      Thanks for being my first EVER repeat visitor and commenter!

  2. Dear Ms Louise, That Georgie gets around! I think it is fabulous that she seeks to get out to meet the locals. I wonder what the Russians made of her?

    • Hi Linda. (My computer has decided to unco-operate with Russian internet, so we are actually in Russia now, even though the blog isn’t). So far, the Russians have been very interested in Georgie – particularly when she climbs under little ropes in museums to have her photo taken. Today it is supposed to reach -20C and we are off to the Hermitage, the locals tell me that there is a difference between -10C and -20C. Georgie and I are both considering buying fur coats – I get the point of them here.

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