TEsting, testing, TEsTinG? Is this thing working yet?

It’s getting very sultry up here in Townsville,

Some of us are starting to break out the Champers and remove our clothing,

While others are dreaming of a white Christmas

Some are not just dreaming about it, they are going to do it, in a place where they’ll have to wear a bit more than the standard Aussie ski gear

But it will be worth getting all rugged up, because we are going to meet this old bloke

At his house in Lapland, on Christmas Eve, before he packs the sleigh and heads off to Australia.  We’ll be popping in for a cuppa.

Meanwhile back at home, we do have some sulkers 

Who do not co-operate and wear Christmas decorations at Christmas parties and run away and sulk upstairs when the guests arrive

But this older and wiser boy, 15 and three quarters, knows how to get a cuddle and plenty of food at a party.

It’s all about dressing appropriately, (he’s been reading Faux Fuchsia obviously)

If you are reading this, and I sincerely hope you are not, because it’s my first go at blogging and I have (sigh) no-one to help me with this, and it’s much harder than reading other people’s blogs,



36 thoughts on “TEsting, testing, TEsTinG? Is this thing working yet?

  1. HEY there Louise, this is FAB! am jealous at the ease with which you have enter the world of Bloggage (that’s French that is). Love all your pics, especially that handsome fellow with the bow tie. And is that your pool in pic 1? wow! Now let’s see if the comments thing works! Bxxx

    • OH MY GOD, the first comment on my Blog was from one of the Supernovas (reference Paddy 2010) of the Blogging world! I am So honoured. Im could retire from blogging now!

      Pool, yes all ours!
      Thanks for the French lesson, I’m going to write to MaiTai in French now, tee hee. Hope she accepts one word comments?
      My boy Bronson in the Bow Tie – or were they ribbons ripped off plum puddings?

  2. Yeaah! it worked, very exciting, now I can chat away to you this away too but now must go break up boy fight – we are just off to school and skirmishes always break out just before departure..xx

    Great news, BUT what’s Akismet? I will have to go and look that up on the administration page I suppose.
    Bugger, more stuff to learn.

  3. AWWWW shucks, what a lovely sister you are! And what would you like for Christmas little Sis? Don’t forget I’ll be speaking directly with Santa on Xmas Eve before he heads your way. FF and Blighty are soooo the mentors, I’m waaaay out of their league!

    • Tee Hee, Hi Little J. thanks for looking here. Yes, just call me the Blogmeister! You are well aware of the inaccuracy of that statement!
      So pleased to think that I could potentially save the world from FaceBook trash, with my academic prowess on this Blog (Quadruple Tee Hee).

  4. Thanks for the invite to your blog. Already 10 comments! I’m impressed! Please ask Santa all the important questions on your visit, like Is it really true you can make anything? If so, what do I tell my kids when they ask for a Football Stadium for Christmas? And, Is it true you support Toymaking Sweatshops, even if they do employ elves? If so, please explain (given the whole Santa is a Saint la-la-la stuff your PR people put out). And, the Important N Qld question–Chimneys? Come on, Santa, some woman died trying to get down a chimney last year. Respectfully, Louise da La Plonk a la Pluie on behalf of Anony-Mouse, A Disrespectful Lecturer in N Qld. Seriously, this is great & have a fab fab trip. Oh, and I just read a great writing tip for creative writing: always write like you are having a conversation with your best mate at a pub. Love it!

    • V!!!!!
      I CANNOT believe you’ve given me so much homework for my Holiday.
      No Fair!
      Will combine Questions to Santa (mind you, your questions seriously sound like an interrogation) and conversing with (my soon to be best mate) Santa in the pub (er Igloo).

    • Cool bananas FF, I will try very hard to be interesting! I will explore and report back from every single Hermes shop I find up there in the North Pole.
      I could take a photo of my daily outfits too, but all black and lots of it may not cut the mustard. Plus, I can’t imagine what it would be like to look at photos of someone dressed for -20C, in the heat and humidity that has descended on Qlders now.
      I am having trouble addressing the packing issue, the thought of touching all the thermals, beanies, gloves, coats, fleeces, balaclavas, boots, mittens, gore-tex items in this Townsville heat is just too depressing!

  5. Dear Ms Louise, I was thrilled to hear you have a blog at last. What handsome puppies you have! I am looking forward to your Northern adventures – Finland is such a pretty place. Are you building an ark like Ms FF or is it nice and dry where you are? Would you please post about your Patagonian hols – we are going in February and would like your views. Congratulations on your first post – we hope for Many many more – with dogs.

    • Hi Linda, EEEEEk this is getting scary now. Another very famous Blogstar (albeit Commentator) has visited me. I was hoping to hide away for a while till I got the hang of this thing.
      But thank you so much for visiting and commenting.
      No ark needed in Townsville, we have wonderful new drains, thanks City Council. We actually need a colossal dehumidifier at the moment. I think it could possible be about 257 million% humidity at the moment. The PERFECT time to go to Scandinavia, I’m guessing there’s not going to be much steamy humidity up there.
      Will tell more about Patagonia, amazing place, some people love it, others do not. I did! Can I just say, I love Wanakos and Nandu.
      Thank you so much for your good wishes, I’m guessing you already know there will be dogs on this blog. That reminds me, must send another email to Mr FF about the Puppy project.

  6. Allo how did your first post dated the 6th get past my eagle eye?
    It’s now the 10th and I’m playing catch-up.
    You may know moi from FF and Blighty’s blog’s and I have been following your darling sis for ages too under a slightly different name (hi Paddy!)
    So happy to see you take the plunge into blogland, wish I was so brave. Love little dogs so I won’t get tired of dog pics Louise.
    It’s stinking hot down here in Brisbane. When is departure for Santaland? Enjoy the bracing cold and I don’t blame you a bit for procrastinating with packing, it’s a chore.

    • Hey Annie, You missed it, because:
      A). I don’t know how to make it visible.
      I have no idea what I’m doing here, WordPress is VERY COMPLICATED (for me).
      B). I have been trying to stay hidden, this is very intimidating, particularly because I follow the Supernovas of Blogging (TM Paddy 2010).

      But it’s so lovely to have another Blighty/Faux Fuchsia family member on board.
      We are actually heading off today. Townsville is very, very humid at the moment. As I won’t be here, feel free to send your excess Brissie humidity up here, tee hee.
      Dogs, yes, you may regret that invitation to display them ad nauseam.
      Lovely to chat to you.

  7. You were wise to leave early for Moscow and miss R’s party that night. Oooh it was an affair to forget! There was a horde of librarians from the front door to the kitchen. As you weren’t there to help me deal with the social challenge of such folk I had to ask R to leave with me and go to my place to escape and make the best of an evening disaster… R felt (perhaps rightly) that his wife wouldn’t approve if she were left on her own to cater for their guests (must be a woman thing). So I stayed and helped R to be a server-upper of snags and caramelized onion rings. To be honest, however, I wasn’t keen on the idea of waiting on a bunch of librarians so unbeknown to wonderful R I was simply finding anyone who looked soft and flushed and giving them the tray to take over my role of party traymobile. I was able to keep up this routine for a few deliveries of food until a short lady in a chartreuse top who I had earlier thought was a delightful told me not to give her another plate. Oh well I tried to do my best…I’m yet to hear from R’s wife whether she found the plate of food that she told me to put “anywhere”

    • Oh My God. It is sooooo not going to be a mystery to Townsville folk who made this comment.
      Honestly mysterious IB,
      1) This blog is about ME not YOU!
      2) I did NOT go to MOSCOW, I went to St PETERSBURG.
      3) You ned to go to more parties!

  8. Mmm … of course the blog is all about you (!!xx) but getting back to me … the people downstairs read my party report and have ordered me to add that they also contributed greatly to the festivities of the evening. The marvellous wife of the equally marvellous potter who lives below me fetched me a substantial slice of choco-cherryripe cheesecake with all the essential trimmings (viscous cherry syrup + chocolate curls with a dollop of cream) on a plate to save me arising from the couch on which I was comfortably snuggled. And, her potter husband fetched me little snacks throughout the duration of the party to sustain me. Gosh I have thoughtful friends.
    Now, getting back to you, you’re right that Moscow isn’t St Petersburg but all those far away places have a way of smudging themselves together unless one is there … and since you’re there I fully understand your need to be precise with names. Speaking of empathic understanding, I’ve been fretting greatly/continuously about the cold you must be experiencing especially since there is a serious chill wrapping itself around your part of the world. Brrrrr Please remember to keep a warm rug around your knees

  9. looks like lots of fun in the snow, a bit jealious of the horse and slay ride in the snow.
    How about those prawns yummy. Hope that santa has lots of presents for you, Oh you can just ask when you see him. Georgie on the move how cool the most travelled bird I ever known.
    have fun love you.

    • Hi Louise sorry have had a bit of trouble with the phone I have, mine is still at the phone doctors, must be really sick they have had it over a month. Hope you and chris are having a wonderful time away and I am looking forward to seeing you for breakfast soon, well when you get back.
      have a great day
      love you xxx

      • Hello My wonderful Spotted One. We rang and rang and rang over Christmas. So glad to hear it’s just a phone technicality at your end!
        I TOLD YOU TO GET AN IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        We miss you and D terribly, next time you will just have to come with us.
        Shocking internet coverage here, but I guess it is the North Pole and I should make allowances.

  10. Yes I am looking into getting a new phone, hope you and chris had a great new years eve we stayed at home I think that I am still recovering from the year have lots to share. On a great note I have been getting some time in on the bike so I will be encouraging Chris to come out with me (challange of the year good photo opportunity)
    and I have taken dyrek out to the willows on the it was good fun.
    miss you talk soon and thank god for the blog,I know that you will get the messages

    • Hi again Spotted One.
      A) Comment on the most recent post silly.
      B) New Year’s Eve was the usual, bedtime by 10pm – I HATE New Year’s Eve, specially around strangers, extra specially when I’m tired and grumpy and sunshine deprived.
      C) Yippee, can I have a ride as soon as I get home?

      • of course you can have a ride, but I will take jason out first when he is off holidays. (he will be back before you) sounds like the new years eve we had in bed by 9.30 all I feel like doing is relaxing so much so that I feel like I am walking around in a dream……….great feeling for a change. Glad that you have seen some sunshine.
        have a great day

      • Hey My Mark, that’s ok. does he have a helmet?
        you know you are able to comment and contact me on the latest post, not the original one.
        your comments are still coming through on the first post.
        Wonderful you are relaxing, I am soooo sorry I am not there to witness you chilled out.
        What is my D doing?

  11. I am in love with Illustrated Bartsch, she is obviously super clever and totally hilarious, I dream of going to a party with her and loads of librarians, hot stuff! She is also delightfully indiscreet – really enjoyed her later reference to humpage in the shrubbery of Georgie…the sort of detail i need to know.

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